? is it possibe has anyone heard ever?

Just wondering if anyone has ever heard of something like this? My father’s closest sister died at 29 in1950 of what the Dr.'s described as a ruptured tumor in the heart… Is it possible she had an AVM in the heart?She was otherwise healthy no prior indicators and died suddenly at a club one night in Seattle while dancing! My father said all the autopsy revealed was some kind of tumor??? Any thoughts Does this make anyone else think maybe it could have been some kind of AVM? I haven’t heard anyone else mention an avm in the heart guess if there’s an artery it could be possible…? My neuro who fixed mine said they are very congenital, anyone else have seen them run in famialies?

Nicole, sounds like probably a ruptured ascending, aortic, aneurysm.(AAA) As far as avm’s being ‘congenital’, u are correct, however, congenital simply means it is present at birth, NOT hereditary…just my two cents:) -GK

I hear people say "mass of tangled blood vessels" and that's what AVM's often look like, but when you use the word "mass", the average Joe hears "cancer". We've seldom used the word "mass" in describing Chari's AVM just for that reason. So in the 50's, that DR could have said mass meaning AVM. Or often AVMS and aneurysms are found together. AVM vessels walls are sometimes weaker, leading to ballooning effect, aka aneurysms.

We were told there were two kinds of AVMS (sorry, forget the distinction) but one kind can show up more often in one family tree, and the other kind is unique and not a concern that your kids or siblings might have an AVM as well. Since we had two kids when Chari's AVM showed up, one of our key questions was "do our kids need to be checked". Our Drs were emphatic that with the kind Chari had, they had no worries.

I agree with those that say you've had your AVM since (or closely thereafter) birth.

Hope this helps.

Ron, KS

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I have to agree with Greg K. sounds like a had she problem with the aortic valve.... possibly Aortic Stenosis. This can cause an an aneurysm and kills young people.