Is tingling in cheek with electric shock feeling related to AVM in Brain?

My son complained today (also a few weeks ago in his right cheek) of a tingling in his left cheek and then felt an electric shock. He said the strength of it varies but it was happening on an off. By the time he went to bed it had stopped. We are scheduled for the angio next week. Don’t know whether to panic slightly or not. Is it that the AVM is pressing on nerves maybe or could it be more than that? Anyone out there who has an AVM in the brain have on and off symptoms like this or felt this before a bleed? Barb

when my avm was active i used to suffer all sorts of pains and tingiling sensations around my head and face…at times there would go all over my body it felt as though i had bugs crwling through my viens …it would distress me to the point that i would scach my skin until it bleed …i actually believed i had spiders crawling through my head and through the viens in my body…the neuro assured me it was just a partial siezure due to the location of the avm so close to my motor cortex and on the temrol lobe…what your son is experiencing could be siezure activity but you should get it checked out with the doctor

I’ve heard of the facial nerve being “annoyed” by the AVM. But after reading Alicia’s note below, I’d go with her recommendation for sure! Yikes! Spiders…hate them…

Hello Barb .
Keeping in mind I was OLD (43) when I had my “incident” and my avm entertained the parietal/occipital/temporal lobes I do recall ( and still do not enjoy ) that shocking/tingling/insect crawling feeling . Always inform the physician(s) about any symptomology and try to keep a journal with him as things come up . All information shared between child/parent/physician is so very important to the diagnosis and treatment(s) for him , yes ?
Be good to you . Take care of you . ( Moms forget to do so . )

Barb, tingling and feelings of numbness on the left side of my face were some of the first symtoms that I had in September of last year. I’ve also had that feeling of being shocked. I still have it and it drives me crazy, the neurontin three times a day helps but hasn’t taken it away completely. The doctors really don’t comment when I tell them about it accept that my AVM may be pressing on the trigeminal nerve. The longer I have this and the more doctors I see, I think that there is still alot about AVM’s that they just don’t know. That’s why this website is such a life saver. You know that your not the only one going through these experiences, the pain, the weird feelings. Is your son being treated with any medication for his symptoms?

i was put on anti siezure meds to try and stop the siezures…although it helped a little…the crawling feeling would still happen…it wasnt untill my avm was removed did the feeling completley go


I hope there truly is nothing wrong with your son except a nerve that misfired, but I would encourage you to get him to a doctor (neuro) and probably get an MRI.

Best of Luck