Ischemic stroke from angiogram imaging

It’s been 4 years since my AVM hemorrhage but after my cyberknif treatment and my second angiogram it has completely closed and disappear but i got a mild ischemic stroke from the angiogram procedure for medical imaging. Will it disappear and will my recovery bebas good before the angiogram?

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I would say if you’re doing well now without any major problems, you should only get better. Did it leave you with any deficits?

My usual balance is slightly effected and i don’t have a good stability like i used to before the angiogram, i wanna get back to what i was before.

I do believe you will recover, and you should too. It may take a little time and exercise. Any time your vestibular system needs recovery, it’s good to keep moving, once you can.

@Sam2307 Hello I had a mild stroke after my first angio/embolism and I recovered fully- I had a horrible headache post it too. I think it was more from the die as I am super allergic.
If you are having balance issues ask one of your drs to give you some PT this really helped me. I am still weak on my left side but that is from my first Stroke which was a rare stroke caused by 5 blood clots in my brain then my AVM formed a few months later.
Hang in there

How long will it go away?
Can i recover the movement that i had before the angiogram? The doctors only give me some aspirins to stop the clots

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@Sam2307 so you have clots in your brain now? when I had the clots in my brain prior to my avm I was first put on a blood thinner called Heparin in the hospital and then Warfarin then Pradaxa. But as soon as they found the AVM I had to go off them. Yes you can recover your movement esp if its a minor stroke. Your brain and body need time to heal. So rest is essential.

I got the clots after my angiogram to see the AVM that was treated with cyberknife in 2016

I would recommend rehabilitation which would most likely be solely physiotherapy but may involve other specialties. You can be given targeted exercises that will improve your balance. Good luck.

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