It's complicated

My twin had a bleed in January, surgery, lost mobility in arm and leg. Was showing sign of improivement, had a gran mal seizure, set back, fell and broke her hip. More surgery, blood clots in lungs and heart. Back at Stanford again. I’m scared.

Wow, sorry to hear about your Sister’s setback. Stanford has a great team-we went there from KS to be treated by Steinberg and Marks.
Interesting that each of you had an AVM…

My best wishes to you both.
Ron, KS


I'm so sorry to hear your twin had a setback in her progress and now has more health challenges on top of ongoing heart goes out to you both.

Thankfully she's w/some good drs. @ Stanford and am hoping they'll be able to resolve her issues soon.

Best wishes,


Oh Deidre. I am so sorry for the setback. I will be praying for the both of you!!!