I went today almost 3 weeks post-op to have my staples removed. They hurt coming out and I am happy I can now rest on my right side and get a hair cut without the fear of having them touched. The doc told me that my angio I had before I left the hospital shows no AVM. It’s GONE IT IS GONE and I am alive and kicking! I can move on with my life! IT IS GONE. The AVM is gone! I want to shout it from the roof tops…THE AVM IS GONE!

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CONGRATS!!! I am soo happy for you. I don’t wanna rain on your parade, but my docs told me the same thing. Then, they broke the news that the angio shortly after surgery is not accurate due to sweeling and you have to have another angio a year after to confirm that its all the way gone. Sorry to tell you this. I just wish someone had prepared me cause I was so upset when my doc told me at my follow-up visit. But on the plus side, he said the chances that there was a mistake in the first angio are extrememly slim.

Jamie ,
I a HAPPY DANCING for you !
I hope you and your boys and family are dancin’ and singin’ and sharing your joy all over the place --roof tops included if not too icey !
Be good to you . Take care of you .

:slight_smile: thats wonderful I smiled reading what your wrote i can feel your happiness through your words. Bless you . keep feeling great!

I had 2 angios after surgery one right after and then one about a week after surgery. I will have a one year check up angio, so for now I am going to celebrate! I am very prepared to hear at a later date that it really isn’t gone, but I refuse to dwell on that right now.

Congratulations! Time to take the boys out for dinner. OK, you might want to wait until the snow is gone, but enjoy this one. Let this lesson teach you the important things in life are not jobs, but people. And keep an eye on them so you can enjoy them while they’re young. Concentrate on what you need to do for your life, but relax and enjoy. This is an extra life you’ve got now. Have fun!

Out standing !! So happy for you!

Congratulations!! isnt it a great feeling?