With the Season quickly approaching, and my Limbic system still not completely back on line, I've been giving some thought to the last time I felt joy. I'm beginning to wonder if my Limbic system will ever recover that simple, yet pleasant emotion?Anyone, remember joy? ( I get a lot of pity, and frustration, depression and occassionally humor--yes, I can still laugh at myself! put my underwear on backwards yesterday! BUT humor is so not Joy!) Any suggestions?

Hi Nicole. You are still in the healing process. I am willing to bet your children love you a lot. You are still able to use your cognitive thinking capabilities…with a few underwear mishaps. Hey…I just had someone come in the first door of the aircraft…point to the first row which says 1 and say is this row 4? Huh? Trust me this person did not have a TBI! Don’t beat yourself up…joy will return!

Hi Nicole, I cannot imagine what you have gone through. It must be the most difficult thing in the world. All I can say is that I will be praying for you to regain that joyous feeling.

Hi Nicole - I think you can expect joy again,but it will probably be different from before.

Th following is from someone I know who was affected by a change in body abilities..." It helps to stop fighting what's wrong and be happy about what's right."

I think that that might be what to focus on to feel joy - to be happy about what's right with you.

Thanks Julie! I really needed that! And it is So true! It was true pre- AVM and it's true now as well! I guess the reality is... I just have to get Right with it! But I've had some pleasant changes lately, so I just have to count those blessings! and stop bemoaning the past
Thanks again!