Jumpy / jerky vision

I have an AVM in my occipital lobe and my vision can be quite jerky at times and blurry around the edges. Do other people have any experience of this ? Hope to hear from you soon. Susan

Hi Susan ... I had an craniotomy for my bleeding AVM in 07 -- the AVM was located at the occipital lobe. In my case I had a "field cut" -- an area of vision that is like a very large blind spot. Your brain fills in what it thinks should be there so sometimes you are completely unaware of it; well I was until I drew a clock that looked normal to me but had one quarter of it missing!

My vision improved greatly, especially in the first year. There is little to be done, said my neuro-opthologist, excpect wait for things to heal. And they did. I still have "ghost images"... ie shadows of images that travel behind an image or that stay after the image is gone, I do have "jerky vision" on occasion, throuble finding my place again if I move my eyes away from writing (no matter how big or small) and a very small field cut that generally leaves out one or two letters in the middle of a word when reading. All these symptoms have improved, but they are still with me and they worsen with fatique.

I would definately recommend an neuro opthamaligist ... they can pretty well describe what is going on and they have some excercises to help. Good luck!

My daughter had an AVM on her Right Occipital/Parietal lobe. She had a craniotomy in July 2009. The surgery was a success but she's left with a significant loss of peripheral vision. This is something she's dealt with for many years...bumping into walls, etc. I can't say it's significantly better or worse since the surgery. She seems to have learned to compensate but before we know we really need to go back to her Neuro Opthamalogist.

Hi Susan-my AVM is located in the left occipital lobe & I have vision issues as well with it being jerkey & blind spots as well. I also get sometimes flickering in the left or right corner or see black flashing lights.

Hi Susan,
My AVM was also in my occipital/parietal lobe. The bleed caused the field cut on the left in both eyes. My vision has not improved at all in the almost 4 years since. My vision gets very blurry and jerky in the evenings or any other time I'm especially tired. The other thing I've found that improves it is rest.

Hi Susan, my AVM Bleed was located in my right parietal/occipital lobe. Once I experienced the rupture (at the time, I had no idea that it was an AVM, much less a brain bleed) rupture, my vision was seemingly blurry. Just after my GammaKnife surgery, I experienced double vision. About a month after surgery, my double vision improved, but my peripheral vision was gone, and the vision in my left eye was somewhat blurry, due to the brain hemorrhage injuring an eye nerve as my doctor told me. A little over three years, later, my vision is slowly improving, but reading can still be a challenge for me at times.
Have you seen an eye doctor?

Hi Susan

I had an AVM bleed in the visual cortex in my right occipital lobe. That was 50 years ago, and it has never gotten better, I am considered legally blind, and I have a guide dog. It is not just peripheral vision. The condition is called homonymous hemianopia, if the field cut is the same in each eye. I fall, walk into walls, don't pay attention to the left, and really forget there is a left world, I would see a a neuro optometrist, who has knowledge in low vision aids and some therapy to learn to scan better. I never learned anything back then, just compensated for what I could. I have no binocularity or convergence of eyes, and lately have more double vision. I also now have ocular seizures which are bright dazzling lights in the corner of my good side of my right eye. Since having the new dog home just three days now, I have gone out and been asked by a lot of peoole if I was the trainer. I just say yes because I am sick of answering questions they know nothing about.

Walk a mile or more in my shoes, and I bet one of hthese stupid people will end up in a broom closet instead of the exit door. Once I stayed for a minute or two in the broom closet which made it worse because I was seen by some going in there.

I love my dog, and I am not alone anymore.


This is exactly what I have been experiencing. This happens to me almost every night, particularly if I have been straining my eyes to read, embroider, etc.

This so much like what happened to me. My hemorrhage was in my left occipital-parietal region of my brain. I do not remember my vision being very blurry, although I experienced fuzzy greenish objects floating in my line of vision which I attributed to the high amounts of pain medication in my system. A week and a half or so after the hemorrhage the double-vision started. I was fine for about a half hour after I got up, and the double-vision began and lasted usually the rest of the day. When it stopped, it stopped pretty much all at once. In my left eye I have a sort of glare, kind of like the after image of looking into a light. It seemed to get a little smaller at first. but it is still there although the hemorrhage happened over a year ago. I also experienced a cut in the vision of my right eye, too. I did not notice it at first, but then I realized if I turned my eye at a certain angle things started disappearing. I figured this out when I tried to look at a clock and could only see the numbers on the ends. I think that this is gone now. I also lost the peripheral vision in that eye, although the other eye seemed ok. I did not even realize this was happening until I started constantly running into things no matter how big or bulky they were. Here in the last couple of days It seems to have gotten better but I don't know if this is just me being hopeful.