Just because

just a little not for you all. the more i talk and read each of your stories , i realize how greatful i am to have found you all. gives a little comfort in times of frustration, anger, grief, happiness, hope,and joy.You all are inspiration to me. Each one of us have different outcomes and have pain in our own way we all should be understood and listend to :slight_smile: i just wanted to tell you all how blessed i feel to have found you all. my greatest wishes are with you all and your family and loves ones.


In many ways, we’re all in this together.

Best wishes, to you too.

Ron, KS

Thank you so much, This means a lot to me.
God bless you.

Stacy: Thanks so much…we are all hear for each other…I having surgery this morning, on top of the avm surgery for breast cancer and honestly I reached out to many on this site as we get it and its been such a blessing in my life. Great support, friendship. I live in New Jersey and how can there be no support group to go to living so close t othe city (none there either?!) You understand as we all do and you are right…we alll inspire each other and we help. Many times if I am upset I come here and its humbling…I have found friendship, love, support and knowledge here and you will too. God bless you! xoxoxMare

wow, it so nice to see this community has bonded so closley…i think it is amazing…and i must say i am very grateful to be a part of it also and i think each and every one of you are truly amazing …the support and friendship is beyond a doubt magnificant…hugs to all

I have been reading this site for about a year I just became a member the other day This site has sure helped me sleep many a night And I must thank the people that started the site and all wonderful people on it I will try and be worthy member

Stacy thank you. It means so much just to have someone to talk with and here though each are different you have others, like you mentioned, that understand and listen to you. Your words have touched my heart and I feel blessed you have joined us.

Anabel Meza, I second your statment. I only know one person with your last name, it’s more uncommon then mine.

Anabel Meza said:

Thank you so much, This means a lot to me.
God bless you.

Hi Stacy,

Glad this site has been of comfort to you. It has been to me as well.

Happy holidays!