Just curious about skull numbness followed by itching

Was the head pain (if you had that) followed by numbness on the skull then itching/tingling something you experienced post rupture? Ie, was this a symptom you can trace back to your AVM for those of you who have had ruptures, prior to that point?

I get head pain that feels like I’ve had an injury and then it goes numb then itching. I wonder if it could be my body trying to heal itself.

After the surgery you will have some tingling and itching because the skin is trying to heal itself. Where I had my procedure done is very sensitive and still a lot of numbing. Sometimes kids will come up behind me and touch the head skin in places that are still numb. The skull skin is still really sensitive and if anything hits it or touchs it hard it hurts really bad.

Thanks @Zac_S however , I have not had surgery or even the angiogram yet! This is just how I am normally.


I agree, numbness and itching are part of nerve damage due to an operation. I’m sure the itching is the return of (slightly confused) sensation.

I had a carpal tunnel release operation a couple of years ago and the advice I was given was to put my hand into coarse substances like rice or lentils, to gently “scratch” the wound after it was fully healed so it got used to touch. I think the idea is that you have to re-train the nerves to scale the sense of touch. “Scratch” is too aggressive a term but it is that kind of action. As you can imagine, the number of nerve-endings in a hand is very high… a highly sensitive part of the body. It might be that gently teaching your skull what is normal sensation will help to reduce its sensitivity. I can imagine some parts of our head and face have lots of nerve endings as well.

My hand is still a bit super-sensitive at the scar and gently scratching it from time to time helps to get it back to normal.

Hope this helps,