Just had surgery

Well I had surgery yesterday, and was supposed to be in the hospital for a week, but I was only there a day, and flew home already. I got to keep the ear and I got lucky, because they did the complete excission of the avm from my ear and were able to add a skin graft the same day. The dr. seems very pleased with how it’s looking to be turning out, but only time will tell if the graft will take. I am currently to be on bed rest for a month and have to wear a gauze until next monday when I get the stitches out. Im pretty excited to finally have this done and overwith, and am hoping that the ear looks good when all is said and done.

Wow sounds like things went very well. Heres hoping for a great recovery and i hope the graft takes.
Best of luck

Very Good, home so quick. I hope you ear does fine, eat well and get plenty of rest. Sleep is the healing balm.


So after the surgery, did the ear look good?, because i’m having the same procedure and i’m worried of how will it look.


glad things went well with your surgery get plenty of rest, and take care of yourself, hope thae graft takes, Well send plenty of prayers your way !!1

Hi Ryan,

How wonderful that everything went so well. The main thing, I would think, is that the AVM is gone. Getting to have the skin graft the same day was icing on that cake, and I hope you'll like the way it looks too. But if you don't, maybe it could be covered with hair or a hat if it bothers you? But better to have to cover something than to still have the AVM.

Hope your recovery goes well and fast, but even though you're young, resting will still be one of the best things to do in healing.

Wishing you the best.