Just my thoughts on "six feet under" tv show

i first saw this show when it came out about ten years ago. but i least related to nate's character, he suffered with an avm, was in his early thirties. maybe it's because i was in my twenties, gay, and healthy at the time that i related more to david and claire, his two younger siblings. it fast became a favorite show of mine. now even more so because i can relate to more of the characters on a deeper level, especially nate since it's been less than or about two years since i found out about my avm. to see his character and his family and friends go through the whole discovery, complications, treatment, recovery process of having an avm helps me understand more about what i'm going through. the first time i saw the show i really didn't grasp the severity of this condition. he was a character with a condition i knew nothing about nor had even heard of before. but now his character is a part of me. an extension of my life playing out on tv. i've cried many many times when his character goes through something on the show. it's more personal now. and while the show focuses on him it does not mainly focus on the avm. it focuses on life and death. on fighting our demons and our past and trying to better ourselves. on dealing with the highs and lows of life and changing as a result spiritually, mentally, physically. i've got many demons and a dark past and now this condition that forces me to realize i will not live forever. a condition that forces me to face death and my own fears of dying. as nate's dead father says to him in a dream "you're in the game now son." i cannot do anything about the avm except to realize it's part of me now and to embrace it with open arms. that i have to live and try and be a better woman. that i have to keep myself healthy but at the same time get myself ready to die. we all die i know that, but with an avm i'm (we) are that much closer. i've got new fears and new hopes and a new life to think about. a life that will not be defined by my avm, but a life that will definitely be affected by it. anyway if you have access to hbo i highly recommend this show. and if anyone read this thank you for reading this long unintentional rant.

I agree with you, Areli -- Six Feet Under was a terrific show. Somewhere in videos on this site is the classic scene when the dismissive doctor tells Nate about the treatment options for his avm. If only Nate had joined up here! He might have had a better outcome.

Areli, GrEAT show and GREAT post! I remember watching Six Feet Under religiously when it was on. I really identified with Nate's character, but never spoke up to friends about me dealing with same condition. I remember chuckling at the actor/doctor telling Nate, "you have AVM", not "you have an AVM". At the time, I was relatively symptom free, and thought the portrayal of an AVM similar to that of brain cancer was pretty extreme. It was, however, extremely interesting and cool that something so unique was written into the show. I am willing to bet one of the writers or producers had some personal experience with avms, and knew just enough to incorporate it into the show. I particularly identified with Nate having a "spell" or "tonic-clonic seizure" and yelling at Claire, "I'm fine!". I too, would get pissed if someone was simply showing concern. Thanks for taking me down memory lane. GK

I watched that show, too, and had already been through the avm bleed many years before the show. i was so surprised they even said avm on tv. a really good show.