Ketogenic diet

Has anyone here tried the Ketogenic diet to control seizures? I'd like to get off meds which I feel are impeding my short term memory (or maybe it's just the brain damage). Separately, has anyone else had short term memory loss?


Hi Cap,

If you type Ketogenic in the search box at the upper right, you'll find two pages of discussions about it.

I recall that there is a lot of info about the diet at places like the epilepsy foundation website. We considered it for our son, but elected not to try it. I know one other person who had his young son on it, and it helped some, but was not a cure all for him. I'm sure there are some success stories as well.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

well my avm ruptured 8 weeks ago now and it damaged the right side of mt front temporal lobe, and my short term memory is pretty bad now

Ah, my avm was in the same place. Maybe it's the brain damage & switching of pills won't help. Separately,it took my vision continued to improve weeks and weeks after surgery. Your short term memory may improve too.

oh thats interesting, i hd an emergency bilateral frontotemporal decompessive craniectomy
i still have the avm but have a date for an angiogram, at the moment i have a build up of fluid under where they took out out my frontal lobe bone flap, i cannot wait to get a date for them to replace the bone flap, did you have a craniectomy? or craniotomy?
take care chad

Hi Kyle, I believe I had a craniotomy because I've never heard the word craniectomy. I had an un-ruptured AVM in my right temporal lobe removed after 4 embolisms. AVM presented after a "micro-bleed" - debilitating head ache and neck pains. I was later told perhaps 1 mm of blood escaped. In any case, the surgeries were not emergencies. After symptoms presented, I scheduled the surgeries for soon, but certainly not for literally right now.

waa waa. The long and the short of it is no big deal. I always had a poor short term memory, and it's either getting worse in the last few years or just bothering me more. I'm curious about whether a side effect of my anti-convulsant is memory loss and whether I can get off medicine with the Ketogenic diet. I'm due for a nuerologist visit in November, and I'll ask then.

I don't know what the bone flap situation is, but of course I wish you well. In the end it's all worked out fine. I trust all will be well for you too in the end. And if all isn't well, then its not the end.

Hi, I don't know anyone personally who went on that diet but I watched a very touching movie based on a true story about that diet. It's called FIRST DO NO HARM. My short term memory stinks but I've always just thought it was age related. But then again I thought my dizziness that went on for decades was attributed to low blood pressure. I'm in my 40's. check out that movie and research the diet. It may be well worth it.