Left Brain is a good place to hang out

Since my AVM erupted in my right temporal, I’ve been spending a lot of time in my left brain which may be the only good news to the whole train wreck that was 2009 AVM,Forclosure,newborn with hydrocephalus, husband took job out of sstate;we had to eat! Now that I live in the left brain I have found it much easier to put the pain and suffering of 2009 behind me. Although my wayward brain still goes back there for some stupid reason! However it is much easier to find peace in the left brain nor that thedictatorship of the right brain has been subdued Anyone else just not missing the right brain so much? I still miss, however the carefree, atheletic girl I was pre–avm!!! Just a speedbump I hope

Hi Nicole. Please check out Bernadette Brenkus' page on here. She just gave birth a few weeks ago and her mother had a massive AVM bleed the day she returned home with the baby. She is looking for a good rehab facility near Pittsburgh for her mother. Any ideas?

Now on to your situation. Yes...we all miss our old lives but if you spend too much time looking in the rear view mirror of life...you will crash.

I am sending POSITIVE thoughts your way today!!!