Left verses right temporal lobes

Hi all! Once again I’m trying to get more information from everyone :slight_smile: I’ve been looking on here and reading a lot of people’s profiles and noticed that it seems like people who have AVM’s on their left temporal lobes didn’t have a bleed unless they were younger & more had the option to choose treatment as compared to people with right temporal lobe AVM’s. I was wondering if you had a left temporal lobe AVM if it bled and how old you were? I’m wondering if a bleed has anything to do with where the AVM is located.

Hi Marcylynn,
My husbands AVM was in his left temporal lobe and we found out about it only after his bleed. He was 52, as we do think that is young it’s probably not as young as you are referencing, LOL! They told him the best way to get rid of his was a crani due to the fact his was small and close to the outside of the brain which was a plus. They stated that due to his age during the time waiting for gamma to work his chances of another bleed was higher. Good luck in you choice and many blessings to you!

Thanks Marie for your input! And I do agree with you though that 52 is young…I really think age is just a number anyways-you’re as young as you feel :slight_smile: Glad your husband is doing well and from what I read on your profile AVM free! Congrats!

Hi Marcylynn…My AVM was on my left temporal lobe and I had the bleed when I was 57. I have no idea if age has anything to do about when you have a bleed whether on the left or right side, however.

mine is on the right temporal lobe - and i didn´t have a bleed, only one seizure yet and due to some rare headaches I have no problems. I am going for craniotomy in October…

Thanks for your input & good luck in October! My prayers and thoughts are with you!!!

Thanks Louisa!! Yeah I’m still debating on what to do because I still can’t get the courage to do anything about this!! It’s so frustrating and so I think alot lol. Hope you’re doing well!!

Hi, My daughters AVM was in the left temporal lobe and it wa large. We did not know about it until it bled. It was a massive bleed, touching two other lobes. She was 9 when it happend, and we are 1 yr and 4 months out now. She has severe speech/language issues and processing issues as well. She is suppose to be in 5th grade but is doing 3rd grade math and 2nd grade reading. She only speaks in 2 or 3 word sentences…life is improving but it was horrible. 31 days in ICU trauma one unit, then 35 days in inpatient rehab now still out patient rehab and school…school is hard…
Her entire right side body was affected also. She is now a lefty and it is hard to use her right hand. She has vision issues too. Does this info help you? take care…

Hi Renee-I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter! How terrible for her to be so young going through this!! Yes thank you for sharing! My prayers and thoughts are with you!!

Hello Marcylynn, my AVM was in the left temporal & Posterior lobes, surgery for crainiotomy was July 2009. The MRI showed a 3.5cm AVM and when the surgeon went in to remove it, the AVM was actually 6.5x3.4cm. It was very deep in my brain so he had to take away viable brain tissue which has left me with speech, reading, writing, memory loss and other deficits that I don’t remember…lol. We didn’t know that I had been having bleeds for a few months due to me falling over a lot; they found that at surgery. I was 55yrs at the time of surgery. My profile still hasn’t been ‘fixed up’ as I find it difficult to ‘edit’ it. However, I can now talk, walk, type (slowly) etc, and am still working at my recovery.
I hope this helps you. All my very best to you, thoughts & prayers are with you!!

Thank you Laura for your input & really appreciate it! I hope all is well with you now!

Thanks Lesley for the reply!! Glad you’re making progress & I wish you the best with full recovery!!

Hi Marcylynn

Mine was on the right temporal lobe.It was ‘disvovered’ due to seizure but after the second embo i had a bleed

Thanks for your input! Hope all is well with you!