Leg paralysed after surgery


Just came back home after my surgery. I had an embolization made on Sep 27Th and craniotomy on Sep 29Th to remove an AVM on the left side of my brain. When I woke up from surgery I couldn't move anything on my right side. I was in panic! After 10 days in Hospital they transfered me to a rehab facility and I stayed there for 45 days! Now I can move my arms and hands, started to get some movement in my right quad but can't move the lower part of my leg or my foot. The Dr. said I have "drop foot" and it can come back to normal in 6 months or 1 year! Anyone has experienced something like that? I am so afraid my leg and foot won't ever come back to normal... Any advice? Please help me with some words of hope... Thank you!

I pray that you are okay besides the after effects with the leg....but be ositive and be strong and everything will work out just fine. God bless you

Hi Luflorida. The brain heals very slowly. The swelling in your brain from the surgery takes at least a year before it goes down. By my calculations you are only 2 months post -op. I know it seems like an eternity. Be patient and and do not give up hope!