Leona's Craniotomy Tuesday ( Macquarie Hospital Sydney)


I just want to thank everyone for there support, I can honestly say some of the feedback received has been outstanding.

Professor Morgan is having a documentary made about him and AVM's, this will create a lot of awareness world wide. As Leona has got one of the rare types of AVM's she has been asked if she would like to be in the documentary, however she has not made up her mind yet. This would involve an interview before and after further more the operation would be recorded.

Should she do it or not ???

I don't think I could watch the Operation .

My first response is a resounding yes, the more awareness of this terrible thing, the better... but then I thought about Leona. It's ultimately her decision. If they can assure her time to recuperate and heal (and I'm certain they will) then I don't see why not. But that's me, not her. Is she comfortable having the operation recorded? You said you don't think you could watch the operation but if it's recorded, I imagine you probably will at some point out of curiousity. Are you comfortable with that? It's a bit like the sonogram person knowing the sex of a baby and you choose not to know as the parent. Just knowing someone else knows can drive a person crazy (I know it's not the same, but that was the closest analogy I could think of). There is a cost to having everything recoded but her health is of the utmost importance. Awareness is important but it comes second to a person's health. Good luck in the decision and know that we'll support you and her whatever is decided. Hope that helps in some way. Again, good luck with the decision.

Hi Michael,

I echo exactly what Suzy -- so very well said Suzy!!! Please do keep us posted on how Leona does with her surgery next week - so many of us are praying for her remarkable recovery thru this :))!!!


Whichever way you guys go, something positive has already come out of their request, at Macquarie - they want to do an interview after, as well.
You already know of their links to the school of advanced medicine, and you also know they have a fantastic research programme, linked to institutes in the US. You also know that the Prof is recognised in the US and was Mayo Clinic trained.
You may also know that he has links to some of the most advanced medical facilities in south east asia.
Whatever options you choose, Leona is in the care of one of the most stringent and advanced teams on the planet.
Stay positive,

Hi Michael. I know what my answer would be…yes. However, there again it is a personal decision. I had completely forgotten that Dr. Barrow asked me if I would allow 3 of his top residents to watch my operation. I readily agreed. I remember thinking the more people who know about this condition…the better.
I imagine by now that you and Leona are quite nervous. I have revved up my positive thinking meter for the both of you. Of course, prayers are being said every day!