Looking for advice- I had a fistula behind my left ear last year and now I am hearing crinkling in my right ear,,,could this be an AVM?

My left ear fistula caused whooshing and retrograde blood flow. This happened due to a massive stroke five blood clots and it blew out my left transverse vein. I flew to Las Vegas about a month ago and had some head pain going and returning. I seem more tired and the crunching crinkling thing is strange. I also am waking up with pain even I have fallen asleep on my back...I have an ENT appt at the end of the month.
Thank you!

Hi Angela,
Have you checked with your neurologist?
If it were me, I'd be contacting your drs. @ Stanford just to be safe. :)
Hope you're feeling better soon.
Take care!

Hi Patti
No I have not I am clearly in denial. :) I was hopeful it was some weird ear infection but now I am thinking its something else. After reading a few things on here about other people hearing the same thing and it being an avm does make me concerned. I do want to see my EN&T just to rule it out and then I will contact my neuro. I really fear another angio and embolism since I had such a hard time last go around. at least I am not hearing any whooshing this time.
I will keep you updated what the EN&T says I am sure he will just send me back to Stanford