Lump in throat?

Does anyone else have a feeling that there is something stuck in their throat? I feel it sometimes, I thought it was allergies but remembered my doctor saying there was a link, between the AVM and my ability to swallow. Anyone? This is all very new, and I suppose it could just be a fall cold coming on.

Hey, PKP - I’ve had trouble swallowing but it was a known issue related to intubation. I’m being monitored by ENTs and have done a few rounds of speech therapy bc I have a nodule and cord weakness. If you’re concerned, talk to your doc!! But be forewarned - they might send you to someone who wants to stick a camera up your nose and down your throat. I tried to convince them this last time that I feel SO much stronger they should just take my word for it and we should dispense w the formalities. They looked anyway. :)atnt

My husband is constantly clearing his throat. He had severe dysphasia and it is getting better. But, especially at night, he is clearing his throat or coughing. Been trying everything to make his night time easier.