Lying or deception

This may seem like an odd request for information but do you feel unable to lie or deceive? I've never been a liar prior but my wife will "accuse" me of lying, being deceptive or being something along those lines.
I have enough problems keeping track of reality, no less having the capacity to lie. It's not about major things like an affair or stealing money, just minor things but still very irritating.

I think sometimes we hold ourselves so distant that we appear to be lying whether we are or not. My short term memory is horrible, I have to put spoken things in order by event to keep them straight and even then I won’t remember some things until days later.

Its surely NO easier to be a liar now. In fact its harder. I can tell you that by leaving details, or whole stories, out of our days it only makes it easier for someone to call us out as a liar and harder for us to deal with their lack of faith in us while seemingly forgetting our issues entirely.