March 15 big week!

Well post op visit today.did the labs and EKG So thats done for the surgery. Day of surgery {March 15} check in six am, MRI at 7 take a bunch of meds, hopefully get to see my family before surgery then off to surgery at 9. on the 16th, its another angio graph to check out that they did the job right, and that everything is holding. Then its getting check on by PT, OT, and ST, so if I pass all the tests then I get to go home on the 17 or 18. I hope all goes well. Thank you to everyone for all their thoughts and prayers. I will see you all when I come home. If i'm not on here before I go. Thanks again for all of yur support and continued support. This site has been a huge relief for me. Thank you and my thoughts and prayers are also with you all.


All the very best on 16th Tonna! Will be thinking of you here in ‘land under’…thoughts and prayers to you.

Tonna, we’ll all be thinking of you in your upcoming surgery. Best of luck and please update us how you are doing.

Our thoughts are with you (positive and strong). Please check in when you are home and feeling up to it.