March is brain injury awarness month

MARCH is our Month

WOW …I had no idea…thanks for sharing!

It is sad that it is not more publicized I sometimes get angry that we, and our loved ones don’t get the same recognition nationaly as all the other disorders out there. IT IS UP TO US…GO FORWARD AND EDUCATE


Seeing the responses on this is true I only know because I was asked to speak as a mother of a child dealing with a TBI which most AVM’s that have had strokes or bleeds are also considered and can be “classified” …I CHALLENGE ALL TO GET OUT THERE AND SPEAK WE MUST BE HEARD. and even more so after reading the stories on here. Lets get our voice.

I had no idea such a thing existed! I have doen a quick search online and it looks like many states have official Government sites with articles dedicared to Brain Injury Awareness Month. I have printed a few of the documents that I have found and forwarded them to the Risk Management/Benefits Cooirdinator here at work and asked if he has access to any sources that may be able to provide us with more flyers and posters to put up here at work.

Thanks for pointing this out, Michelle!

OK…So who will take on the responsibility of contacting OPRAH!

well KIm since you brought it up…LOL

You are such a comedian!

OPRAH is from my state, but now it’s like she don’t need me anymore … I wish I was one of those people who was good at getting things done !..Oprah started out doing our news maybe if there were more AVMers from her home town ,she wouldnt be out of reach !!

I should have done stand up hey Kim?!

Sounds like you all have good idea’s. Even if we educate ourselves and those we can reach and touch it is a start.