Medical Alert Necklace - Thoughts?

I recently had a discussion with someone I think highly of, and they mentioned they were getting a medical alert bracelet. The thought never even crossed my mind, but now I can’t seem to stop thinking about it. I’d be interested to know your thoughts. Thanks!

Tim, I think a Medical Alert Necklace would be a great idea for you. Because AVM's are a Rare Disease, not every doctor or medical facility understand those of us with AVM's. Therefore, if you wear a necklace you will have a better option for them to research AVM's for any issue you have with your AVM. I am AVM Free, however, I have the necklace because I have seizures. Wish you the best.

I got a bracelet right after I was diagnosed. Time is critical if I had a bleed. I also have a card in my wallet IN FRONT of where my drivers license goes so it cant be missed either but just in case I dont have that with me, I have the bracelet that I never take off.

This link might help you…

Louisa, Dana and Barbara, my necklace is now on order. Thanks so much!!

Hi Dana
May I Ask where did You get Your Medical ID bracelet. I Also Have a Card I Carry In My Handbag I Need A ID Tag I Have Look About But I Need To Put So Much On It But Theres Not Much Room On The Ones I Have Looked At. Seizures, AVM, Aneurysms, Asthma, And My Medication. And The medication I Am Allergic To. Thank You For Your help.

They sell them in drugstores and online but I took some old jewelery
I had to a jewler and had one made. The bracelet just says
AVM by brainstem but in the last year and a half I have
Now been diagnosed with high blood pressure and pre-diabetes:(
I just have that written on the card in my wallet.