Medical insurance coverage question

Firstly please excuse me if I do t have the right words/phrases I’m not in the US and I’m totally unfamiliar with the US medical insurance system.
My daughter has private coverage from BCBS.
With her plan we were previously able to travel “out of state” and get coverage in Arizona where she was being treated at Barrows.
As far as I understand since the beginning of this year, there no longer is the option to travel to another state for medical care.
Practically speaking, what are we supposed to do now if she is mid treatment? She’s had 1/4 rounds of gamma knife, and has another round coming up in a few weeks.
Is there any way to get her insurance to cover the treatment?
Again, I’m not in the US and don’t know anything about navigating the system.
Thanks for any and all help

I am in the US, and Arizona + my AVM has also been treated by Barrow Neurological Institute

These are very open ended questions, unfortunately

It just “depends” - on her insurance & so on and on

I was extremely fortunate to have state coverage to coverage ALL of my medical expenses

So, she has BCBS? In a different state, or?

Her insurance is from another state.
In previous years it wasn’t an issue because we were able to get out of state coverage. But since the beginning of 2024 there have been insurance changes. And I can’t get a clear answer from anyone anywhere

In short - that sucks

Not much to add to it - aside from, keep hammering the insurance company

BCBS PPO (preferred provider organization) coverage typically covers out of state treatment under their “blue card” program: look for the little suitcase with “PPO” on the membership card.

If she’s not on a PPO plan or she’s on one without out-of-area coverage, she may have lost access to out-of-area care.

She’son a PPO.
I was under the impression that starting Jan 2024 there wouldn’t be coverage even with that…