Medication for pain and swelling?

I have a few AVMs in my face and one in my left orbital. I also have a lymphangioma in my neck. The AVMs are all low flow. I was wondering what medications others take when theirs become painful and/or swollen. Much appreciated.

I should mention I take Tylenol but that doesn’t always help. I’m not sure it’s been helping at all lately.

A lot of people do get on ok with Tylenol / paracetamol. I hope others can tell you about what else works. Fortunately, I’m free of these things.

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I have been on Celebrex which is anti inflammatory and I cant take opiates so I take CBD gummies for sleep or pain or mints I live in SF so marijuana is legal and my medical marijuana dr is a neuro who specializes in the part of the brain that got damaged in my stroke and she believes in marijuana for pain not opiates.
Her words not mine.

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Medical marijuana is legal in Louisiana but the initial consultation is $200 and you have to go back every few months or so for follow up consultations and no telling what the cost of the actual product is.:roll_eyes: You also have to do refill consultations every 30 days which cost $25-$50. I would try it otherwise. I am on lamictal for anxiety and its actually intended as an anti convulsant but it doesn’t seem to do anything for the avms

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@Geo Oh my goodness that is expensive! Do they allow you to grow your own at all? even though its legal here for everyone I still get my card just so I can talk to my neuro and then I can also get waited on first and purchase more. I also buy it for my moms back.
I plan on trying to grow it this spring I just worry about the squirrels eating it they seem to eat everything I grow which I normally dont mind cause everybody has cut down their trees in our neighborhood.
Here for a card it costs $60-80 for the first time and then $40 for renewal. Thats it. But the cost of marijuana actually went up when it became legal for everyone. They have 15% tax on top of the reg tax plus the raised price. the packaging is also tough to open so kids cant get into it but now I have trouble getting into it as well!
I know many people that are still buying it illegally cause its still cheaper.
Just heard a report that the state is saying that the have not made as much as they thought! I think they made 400 Million in taxes! Also many growers and retail places have gone out of business because of all the rules and taxes.

Well, that’s the only clinic I could find pricing for. There are a few doctor’s in my city that can “recommend” it but I can’t find much info. I most definitely cannot grow my own. The only legal growers in the state are two of the universities. There’s a pretty small limit on the number of patients that can get any. It’s only very recently been legalized here so it’s still heavily restricted. Unfortunate.

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It’s quite a blunder that it’s so hard to get while opioids aren’t…