Anyone on Effexor for depression or migraine prevention or both? IF so how is it working for you? Thanks for your responses

Hi Heidigirl,
I've been on the generic (venlafaxine) for years for migraine prevention. I think maybe it worked in the beginning but we kept raising the dosage, adding more meds to the mix, so I can't really say how effective it was. I do know it kept me from being very depressed.

I'm coming off venlafaxine now. I have to ween myself by slowly lowering the dosage until I can stop it completely. I've never had a bad reaction or any complications to this drug. I hope this helps.


Just wondering why u r weaning and do u have a new plan. I think it is helping for depression and cymbalta had stopped working. Gosh, i hate all this med crap but my legs and fatigue really get to me and I am sure being on keppra does not help either…

I’ve had a migraine that won’t stop for 3 weeks. No pain meds are working (demerol, hydrocodone, Nycunta, etc.) & the preventative (venlaxine) isn’t preventing anything. No sense taking meds that don’t work anymore (of course, per my Doc).
Today, is the first day in a long time I feel pretty good. My headache on a 1-10 scale is a 4 (painful but I’m functional).
Non-medicine that helps my headaches, takes it down a notch or 2, are a combo of benadryl and oxygen, sometimes I’ll add an ice pack. Sometimes if I just need sleep, I’ll take trazadone (non-habit forming).
My situation is we can’t find my headache trigger. Just had MRI, blood draw last week, MRA next week, and new Doc visit (Emory specialist for nerves, blood vessels & strokes) June 2nd. Hoping to find preventative that will work today & over time. I’ll let you know what I find out.
PS- fatigue & depression are natural. You can choose to understand your body has needs different from other people, and still be successful and awesome in whatever you do…even if it’s just reading a book or taking a shower. Do you have a good support system?