Melody Kaye Stout - 5 Years

Don’t remember… July 27, 2009…

5 years AVM!!! I made it!

Speech is hard! Right side paralyzed… the wheelchair 1 year… the ankle hinged brace… Hard work!

Dad and Mom post Facebook… the record…

Melody Kaye Stout
July 29, 2009 at 10:27pm

Our 27 year old daughter, Melody, is a social worker at Boys & Girls Town of Missouri. Boys & Girls Town is a residential facility for troubled kids (basically a last resort placement for them). Melody is passionate about her job as Program Director and had been planning a wilderness camp for 90 staff and residents at a camp which Boys & Girls Town owns in a remote area near Steeleville, MO on the Current River. She has been passionately planning this campout for quite some time. Monday was the first day and all arrived safely and activities were under way. Suddenly in the afternoon Melody began to have a severe headache. She took Ibuprofen but it got worse and worse and she became incoherrent and began vomiting. Her coworkers immediately called the paramedics who immediately assessed some type of brain trauma/injury. The fire truck came and they circled their fire hose in a wide circle on the ground so the helicopter would know where to land. She was life flighted to Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. Jerry and I were traveling home from a Colorado vacation/singing tour. Upon arrival at Barnes-Jewish they immediately did a CT scan and found a brain hemmorhage and took her to neurosurgery. She arrived as “Jane Doe” . Her precious coworkers were able to get in touch with us and relay our phone numbers to the hospital and Jerry gave permission to treat over the phone as Michael had not yet been reached. They removed the hemmorrhage from her brain and discovered it was caused by an arterio venus malformation which she was probably born with but had never been detected. Today they went in and did the AVM repair and the surgeon reports that the repair was successful. Melody is still unconscious, on a ventilatior, etc. and we do not know the extent of the damage the hemorrhage caused. The surgeon felt it would definitely affect her speech/language function. We are told that this is going to be a long and slow process ane we plead with the Lord for his healing. We know there are people praying all over the country for her and we ask that you continue to lift our precious baby girl up in prayer to Him too. We know that it is a miracle that she is even still alive. We also ask that you pray for the love of Melody’s life, Michael, as this is so hard on him. Today is their 4 month wedding anniversary. We thank each of you for your love and support! We don’t know what we would do without you. We have moments of strength and then moments of despair - so we also ask for your prayers that we will trust our Heavenly Father. We do know that He is the Master Healer and Melody is Safe in His Arms.

Hi Melody and thanks for posting this blog. I like your picture and yay for Michael! God bless both of you and the world is a better place with the 2 of you in it.

Thank You!