Memory problems?

Depending where the avm is located can it affect memory or can it be a medication side effect? Thanks

Hi, I’m no expert, but while the AVM could definitely be a factor, depending on it’s location. I went through lots of different meds before I found the right ones. Several of the others caused many side effects, one of them being memory loss, ability to form words, and lots more. My advise it to talk to your neurologist and find out if it could be the meds.

Definitely talk to your doctor and ask the exact location of your avm. I know mine is in the area of my brain that controls my motor/sensory and memory and when it bled there are obvious side affects from this. I have trouble with short term memory. I carry a notebook with me everywhere and I keep track of who I talked to and when (Notes mainly for medical questions and important things) not every little detail. I hope this helps at least a little.
Take care

Aside from major headaches, loss of memory was one of the first symptoms that I had when I first started having trouble with my AVM. I would be in the middle of a conversation and get stuck mid-sentence because I’d forget what I was saying. This got better over time, but then became an issue when I had my craniotomy. My short-term memory was completely shot and other specific areas of memory were damaged regardless of whether they were something that I leanred prior to surgery or after surgery. For example, I am horrible with names. I went to visit my co-workers a few months after my surgery and could only remember maybe half of their names.

My surgery was about 5 years ago and my short-term memory has greatly improved, though I am still having trouble with names.

I was having memory problems for about a year before my AVM was discovered. A lot of friends and family told me I would always talk about not being able to remember things or mix up words. I would say I just felt confused. I would forget what I was doing what I had just learned everything was in one ear and out the other. I tried the whole say it 7+ times and you remember it. Not so true anymore. Now I am doing much better, but like Jake I have a lot of trouble with names, but more so with new people witch I never had a problem with and have lost memories that will never come back.

Hi, and welcome to the forum. I just wanted to comment that had it not been for my memory loss as one of the symptoms, I would likely not have sought help. I attributed the losses to aging, but it also affected my ability to remember my “point” in a conversation, and I began to have to write lists and print lots of directions when I had not had to do so before. I’ve had two AVM’s in the same area. I have to find the paperwork for the area, but it’s the back left part of the brain. I discovered I also have what is known as white cell disease which also affects memory and makes things “fuzzy”. NICE, huh? Don’t know if there is medication that can fix it, but good luck on this journey.

Thanks for all the replies, I’m actually not the one with avm, its my gf. There are times she wont remember things it can be short or long term it varies. So of course at times i just think she’s not listening, but realized she really tries to remember certain things and really cant. She may even ask me to explain it again and she’ll try to remember so i wondered what it could be. She also does mix up words at times. I’m not sure exactly where the avm is but she had the surgery on the left side of her head.