Mental fatigue and where you come from?

Good morning all super people!!

I was wondering to know

-where you come from?!?am living in Malta EU

-also any stories about fatigue ( when is getting better, I am already exhausted after breakfast-washing up-exercises)

Thank you all

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Welcome! I am from Canada, in the province of Manitoba. Basically right in the middle. Fatigue is an interesting topic for sure, and I never really appreciated true fatigue until I was recovering from my bleed. I now pay great attention to trying to get the proper rest, and balance diet, exercise and sleep the best that I can. I do find that sometimes I get mentally fatigued, when my body is fine. This is more frequent than it used to be for sure, and while maybe just regular aging, it does occur regularly. I try to find something, often cycling, to unwind. Take Care, John.


I’m in the US, Arizona to be exact

Fatigue is a very foggy topic because most will not understand. But, mine comes in & out - and, sometimes it’s worse than others.

Most I notice is after heavy activities or stressful situations. It’s very tough to describe & to deal with at times.

Also, it seems to be brought on by hot weather. As soon as summer rolled in here, I been in/out.


Just saw this on fb Brain Aneurysm Survivors | Facebook

Brain Aneurysms are different from an AVM.

Some people do have both an AVM and an aneurysm. If you’d rather find a similar anonymous forum to ask about brain aneurysms, we have a sister support forum at The forum is provided by but staffed by some of the same people as AVMsurvivors.

I think, when discussing our private medical details online, it is much better to have that layer of anonymity that this forum provides than the everyone-knows-everything-about-you of Facebook.

Do you have an aneurysm?

The treatment modes are similar but since brain aneurysms are to do with the artery (and therefore often deeper in the brain) the recovery from surgery etc seems to me to be less successful.

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Yes it’s me there as well