Mentally im drained

almost every other day when im in the middle of doing something i start to feel real panicy like i feel like im about the have a seizure but im not sure…i try to calm myself down and tell myself im fine that im just over thinking and scaring myself…my brain and mind just start goin i take my anxiety meds cuz a lot of the times its just my anxiety…even during my workouts…ill have to stop in the middle of my workout because i start to feel the panict feeling i get before i go into a seizure and i have to just breathe…and talk myself out of it…i dont know why i feel like this sometimes…but im so tired of feeling like that…does anyone else ever feel like this…i think it might be that my anxiety has gotten so bad after my avm…but it scares me cuz so many things are going through my head when im feeling like this. …maybe im just trying to do to much at one time and its just to much for me?..idk but i cant even stand to be in a grocery store or any kind of shopping…i feel like i get very confused my anxiety starts to kick in and i just have to grab what i need and hurry up and get out…ugh…i hate this feeling.

Hi Cassandra. Anxiety is very common on here. You are not alone!

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi Cassandra,

Your not alone. I started to get anxiety attacks 3 years ago... A problem I never ever had in the past. When or if they get to bad, then I will have a seizure. Like you - I do a lot of deep breathing and talking to myself (silently).

What makes it harder (for me anyway) is I can't tell when one is coming on. They just "show up" for no reason. I've pulled the same tricks in the store that you do - I get my things and get out as quickly as I can. Then I call it a day and go home. Once I lay down for a while, then I feel better.

A couple things I do to help me is:
#1 - I listen to soft music. They are actually nature sounds with music to them. It's very relaxing. I'm also a Steven Halpern fan. He uses specific tones to put the body into balance.
#2- I watch my intake of caffeine and I make sure I eat before I go any place. Eating before hand will help you to stay grounded. Even if it's just something small.
#3 - I give myself plenty of time to get the things done I want to do.. that way I'm not rushing around. And.. I make a list - that helps me to stay focused.


Thank you so much Ben for the info…i appreciate it…i will try those tricks. :slight_smile:

Hi there, i have the same symptoms as u my friend. I also start feeling sick and also need to run out of the shop it is really a terrible experience cause i do not want to have a seizure infront of people or even a blackout. If ever i go to the shop i have to leave my kids at home.i do not know why and have no treatment solutions but would like if there are something to do cause i am drained aswell . Take care and all the best.

Yes I know exactly what you mean as soon as I walk in a store any kind of store Iall of a sudden feel like there’s to much going on around me it becomes hard to focus I feel panicky…I used to love to clothes shop now I hate it…before I go in to a store to purchase any kind of clothing i tell myself I need this and its in that part of the store run in and run out…and there have been a numerous amount of times when I’m at the gym and I have to stop in the middle of my workout and go find my friends and tell them I wanna leave or go sit in the car just in case I’m about to have a seizure because I do not want other people to see me like that …I have to talk to myself and tell myself “its ok you’re ok just breathe you’re fine everything is gonna be ok you’re just over thinking this relax” I breathe in my nose and out my mouth slowly…then I take 2 of my anxiety pills “Lorazapam” and just hope the feeling goes away…usually that helps…I just hope all those side affects go away…and I wish you the best as well Carmen. :slight_smile:

Hi Cassandra I am taking tegretol for my seizures and the drug also calms me and it helps with the anxiety
If I forget to take the tegretol it gets bad .but it really helps me alot.

Thanks carmen ill ask my dr about them. :slight_smile: