Met another Member last week!

While on our trip to the west coast, met Debra from Long Beach. Enjoyed a great meal together and compared AVM notes. She lived on the west coast and went to Arkansas for treatment. We live in the midwest, and went to Stanford for treatment. Each to specialists that were able to help us.

Looking forward to continued visits with Debra as our paths cross in one place or another.

Ron, KS
(Left to Right: Chari, Debra, Ron. Can't see it in the pic, but Debra has the AVM icon in her hair clip)

That is so great, Ron! And welcome back -- we missed you. I hope you had a wonderful vacation.

That's wonderful, Ron! Love the photo.

Its so good to read of the positives when members of our AVM family meet. Like yourselves, I also look forward to meeting the 'famous' Debra in the very near future.
Please continue to enjoy your 'grey nomad' (as we affectionately call it in Oz) trek, and thank you for keeping us sane on this site.

Good for you Ron! It's always great to meet fellow AVMers in person.

Tone, if I win the lottery between now and then I'll be making the trek to Oz myself. That would be one heck of a meet up!

Thanks for posting this Ron. It was such a pleasure to meet the two of you as well. Your wife is the true definition of a Survivor and every Survivor needs a great partner/spouse to make it through (like You). I am sure our paths will cross again, especially if your "young Aunt" has anything to say about it. Glad you are back safe and sound:-).

Hahaha Tony. It's more like the "famous" Tony. Can't wait to meet you as well and please post a post wedding picture!!

Thks Debra. We had fun visiting with you as well. Great to speak with young people who have great things in store for them!

Trip home was LONG, but uneventful. A box full of mail, mostly bills to pay, unpack, yada, yada, yada. Back to the gym this morning and a more normal routine.

And it's 50+ degrees here now, and all the snow has melted. YEAH!

Ron, KS

Hi Ron - Just wanted to say hello and see how you guys are doing. Last night we had an AVM get together with Tony from Australia and his new wife, as our guest of honor. There are so many amazing people in this community and get togethers always confirm this without fail. Hope it's not too cold there, although for some reason I think spring has not quite made it to Kansas yet:( Oddly enough it has made it in sunny California!

Hi Debra,

Doing great--hope you are also.

Spring showed up here a little, then we got a couple of back to back snows--over a foot which is a lot for us. This weekend, should be back near/in the 70s.

Best wishes,
ron, ks