Method of delivery in pregnany females post AVM bleed

Any one have any idea what there physicians recommended for method of delivery (c section vs vaginal) after a AVM bleed. Bleed occured at week 26-27 and post emergency craniotomy and evacuation my wife recovered well, with some visual defecits. Her AVM is grade III but surgeon believe that bleed was due to a aneurysm associated with AVM. So they are having a case conference later this month bw OB, Perineonatologist, Neonatologist and N-Surgeon to discuss whats the right path to take and then decide when to do a definitive procedure for the AVM.

Please share your experiences.


If it were my wife, I'd push for C section. Stress and increased BP cannot be good for an AVM.

My wife had two kids via natural birth--about 5 yrs before her AVM showed up.

My two cents.
Ron, KS

Hi, i was recently diagnosed with a avm, i had a bleed… this happened when i was 24wks pg, i am currently 30 wks and was told that i will have to have a c section… its not what i would want this been my first but i need to be ok for my baby girl… i will start getting treatkents after she is born…

We have received mixed opinion from surgeons. One said C Section other said Vaginal is okay. Idea is that even in C Section there is significant fluctuation in hemodynamics and vaginal they can monitor symptoms while the process is going on. Unclear but maybe the multi discip conf will help sort it out.

Day, you case sounds very simillar to the one we are in. Hopefully everything will turn out well. We also have a baby girl.
Any one else who had this issue?

Hi Al. We have a sub-group here which may interest you…
Some of the members there may have some suggestions for you and your wife.

Update. Thanks to God my wife went through C Section and after waiting for a month her neurosurgeon performed the elective AVM removal,4 month after the orignal episode of hemorhage. She has made good progress with some vision issues which will take time to recover. We both are greatly appreciative of the group and its memebers of support and advise.

Yay…boy or girl?