Hi all,

Since my craniotomy in whiich they claimed they removed the entire AVM, I have been getting horrible migraines. I never got migraines before. Is this related to the surgery. Has anyone else had migraines following craniotomy? Any suggestions on how to treat? It freaks me out cause the headache combined with nausea gives me flashbacks to the bleed.

beleive it or not naproxin and an ice bag right on the point here avm was it works it allow u to relax and get rid of the stomach ache. try it now the naproxin is a muscle relaxer but can only be prec from dr.

Ninibeth Ramirez said:

I have my craniotomy years ago and still have from time to time severe migraines. I will like to tell you something that could help… I have gone to my neurologist and he tells me to take black coffee. This headache last for me weeks and I haven’t found some medication that could help me…
Best of luck…

I had my craniotomy 3 months ago. Within the last 3 weeks, Ive experienced good days. Days of no pain or fatigue. The past 3 days, however, have been different. Ive got a pretty kickin headache. I can relate with you 100% on the anxiety. We are wired to think something is wrong when we feel pain. I mean, its what pain is for right?! So, our having this existing pain, coupled with our experiences of our AVM bleeds is absolutely nerve racking.