Millie update

Hello all you lovely AVM = A Valued Member. I put a spin on it. :slight_smile:

I thought I would give an update on Millie and myself.

I had a letter through the post today. Millie has a pre op assessment on 17 October and if all ok, she will be having an angiogram on 19 October. I wish i had not read all the risks of being put under anaesthetic that was attached to the appointment letter. My anxiety is taking another battering.

We are then booked in on 26 October for results. Why 1 week? It seems so long to find out. I just hope nothing shows up and that they did remove all of the AVM.

I am still signed off work but i am taking sertraline for my anxieties. It seems to just take the edge off.

Please keep millie in your prayers.

I hope all is ok with everyone.



I’d say that they may discuss the results at a multidisciplinary meeting before giving you an “all clear” or the next steps.

Honestly, a week is nothing.

Keep on keeping on! You’ll be fine.



Great to hear things are moving! Thos risk letters can be a little troubling, they mention anything that has or possibly could go wrong. I had a good relationship with the Dr. doing the second angio, I don’t remember my first one as it was in some dark days after my bleed.I knew I had no allergies, so taking that out f the equation, when we started to discuss the consent form I said to the Dr, that I read this as I stand about the same chance of getting hit by a car crossing the road to get here as any one of these things happening. He agreed. I try to look at it as less risk to get it than not.

A week is good! Mine would have been much longer had I not pushed some. I do fully understand though, being a type A personality myself, I usually see two choices, now or immediately! My radiologist did say to me immediately after that it looked good but he needs to give it a much more through examination. That comment eased my wait, a lot!

I will have you and Millie in my thoughts and prayers,



So I received an email today advising my daughters angiogram on 19 October has had to be cancelled. They have given a new date of 16 November. So frustrating as I hate this wait time. It will be her first post operative so really keen to find out all is clear. For those in the UK. I do have Bupa health care cover and do wonder whether I should try this rather than waiting for NHS. Anyone else in the UK done this?

If you’ve got the cover, I’d say go for it. You may be able to see the same team.

I had to wait from Nov 2016 to Apr 2017 for my embolisation. My doc suggested that if I wanted to be seen privately, he could have got me in before Christmas but I didn’t have cover and it was a lot of money to spend on impatience.