Mom had AVM sugery weekness in left hand

Hi my Mom 54 year old just had sucessfully AVM sugery 4 day ago. She is doing fin but had weekness in her left hand. ( She can make a fist and move her hand slightly but can’t lift it completly or hold an object) Does any one know if this is expected after sugery and what if any her longer term outlook might been for regaining full mobility the doctors I have spoken with seem to be very confident.

I had weakness on the whole right side of my body and numbness on my right heel. The weakness was not dramatic, but I am right-handed and follwoing my surgery, my left hand was stronger than my right. My strength has since either been regained or has come to a point where it is not noticable. However, the numbness in my right heel is still there and it has been almost 4 years since my surgery. If the docs do not already plan on putting your mom on physical therapy, I would certainly suggest asking the doctor to write up a prescription. Even if the strength is expected to come back on its own, it would not be a bad idea to get a head start on it so that the recovery time is shortened.

My daughter had weakness in both hands for a week or so after her surgery. By this I mean she was unable to hold up a can of diet coke, or use eating utensils. She gradually regained her strenghth and now, 2 months after surgery she has regained most of her strength.

I am sure occupational therapy would help and if the doctors are very confident; i am sure just a week or two.

I had the same problem after my surgeries…and its been over 2 years since my first one. My problem was weakness in the right side and with time things have gotten better. Tell her not to give up and to keep trying. Doctors never really know 100% about anything. :slight_smile: