Morning numbness

Does anyone feel numbness or like they have pins and needles on one side of their body in the morning, especially a little while after taking their medication. Also if medication can control so much can it also help me in this area?

Interesting comment, I too have this mumbness in both feet 24-7. every chance I have, remove my shoes. Tried the following to help my feet: Reflexology, magnetic sloes and absom salt. It help some. I think, in my situition, a pinched nerve in my spine is the cause. Goin to try a phy. rehap or a Chiropractor doc., I hope they can help me get rid of this terrible mumbness and pins and needles feelin.
I don’t take any drugs/medications, so I can not be of any help in that area.

Hope you the best

My wife use to get tingling in her right arm but after taking more meds it went away.
I want to know how many people are taking Vimpat ot Keppra as a combination. Please reply

A b12 deficiency can cause pin and needles feelings its nerve damage from the lack of b12. Usually is it first hands and feet. Also my foot doctor said b1 is important. are you drinking enough water? You might want to get a blood test to test your vitamins and if you are on the lower side you can increase your diet in those areas or take supplements.

I'd encourage you to let your neurologist know of your symptoms.
Your descriptions sound like it ???may??? be Central Pain Syndrome, CPS.