Movies About AVM's

If you know of any movies about AVM’s please let us all know!!!

I watched a movie on LIFETIME tonight (3/11/08) called Dawn Anna.
It was about a lady who was a mother of 4 kids who had dizzy spells and headaches. She ended up having an AVM. It brought back memories for me.

I wish I’d known it was on. I’ll keep an eye out for it. How was it, Tara?

It was great!!! I went on and found the movie and ordered it!!!

I’m going over to Amazon to order it now…you’re a bad influence on my wallet, Tara! lol

Didn’t catch it. I know Showtime’s Six Feet Under had a plot line with an AVM.

Thank you Ben!! My husband said he watched a episode of HOUSE the other day that had someone with an AVM on it.

I saw that House episode last year. Every time I see it on a T.V. medical drama series, the AVM is always cured right away…too bad that isn’t always the case!

Thanks for the info Tara, I watch that station sometimes and will look for it! Hope you are doing well…take care…d

Hi Tara,
Thanks for this, I will try to watch this. Didn’t even know if was out there.

Good morning, Tara. The movie came on Tuesday and I watched it right away. You forgot to mention that I should have a box of tissues handy!

Life, Support, Music

Just released, this is an indie movie that’s winning film festival awards and such. It’s a documentary about a NYC guitarist’s recovery from a 2004 AVM bleed.

"Life. Support. Music. redefines the “family film.”

In August 2004, Jason Crigler, one of New York City’s most sought-after guitarists, suffered a brain hemorrhage during a concert in Manhattan. That night at the hospital, the doctors told Jason’s family—if he makes it through the night, there won’t be much left of him. Jason’s wife, Monica, pregnant at the time, froze. “Everything completely stopped. I forgot all about the pregnancy. I think I left my body. I remember thinking, ‘This cannot be true. I cannot go on without Jason.’”

Days passed, and Jason’s family was forced to accept the new dark reality at hand. But they refused to accept the dark future described by doubtful doctors. So in the face of wrenching despair and horrifying odds, the Criglers made a resolution—Jason will make a full recovery. And thus began the long, grueling, implausible and mystifying journey chronicled in Life. Support. Music. "

Hmmmmmmmmm… :o) sounds neet, good thing I’m not supersticious though. I’m gonna have to check it out. Nice to see AVMs getting a little attention.

Hi Tara, good to hear from u as not seen you on for a while.

There is a copy of the film doing the rounds Liam had it first and sent it to Stacey who forwarded it on then each person who wants is on the list and we are seeing how far it travels round to the last person - so get in the Q and watch it again :slight_smile: