MRI questions

Hello everyone
I have some questions I hope you could help me with.
So my MRI results , don’t say how big is my AVM they just say it’s small I suppose that means less than 3cm? How did you find yours? I also have me MRI an CT scan in CDs,and I can’t find my AVM it’s impossible.The doctor showed it to me while in his office from the same cd,what do I do wrong?
I spent so many hours on this that I feel like I will get my neurosurgeon degree anytime soon…
Also,maybe a silly question but my AVM is in my left cerebellum area.Why do they call the right side left and the opposite?Thanks to anyone who had the patience to read whatever I said!

Every MRI scan comes with a report, unless you are a proffessional who knows how to read them, you will need to rely on the report.


I didn’t understand the 2nd question. But the way how it works is that if the AVM is on a certain side of the brain, it will effect the opposite side of the body.

Thanks for the response
The first report says a small cerebellum AVM and the second one says observation of a formation in the right external cerebellum.I don’t know if I’m translating it correctly…
The second question was while we see the MRI, lets say from the screen, the AVM appears to be in my left area of the brain but the reports say right area.And I saw some other photos from the internet that also seem to be in the opposite side of what is described underneath.Maybe because of the reason you described?Because it affects the opposite side?Just curious

No no, it’s becuase the screen is on the oposite side…

Oh well, that confused me for no reason at all!

Hey @bettybo

And I couldn’t agree more with @simdim. Often trying to interpret scans and their reports can be a minefield, unless you are a trained professional. The reports are written in medical jargon and are the radiologists ‘opinion’ according to the scans. To obtain an opinion relevant to you, taking your medical history into consideration, you need to see a neurologist or a neurosurgeon.

Personally, I don’t have an AVM, but when the report stated ‘…growth’ I panicked, when it stated “RECOMMENDATIONS: Neurosurgery”, I went into shock. And I think that is normal. We want answers and I went searching online… …by the time the neurosurgeon’s appointment came around I’d wound myself up into such a mess. I was convinced my days were numbered, turns out it wasn’t as bad as I’d imagined. When the surgeon explained it all, I won’t say I was relieved, but I had a much clearer picture of the situation and the steps required.

That’s not a bad thing, if it was large, you’d be able to see it. But as you can’t it probably is small.
I would STRONGLY recommend you wait to see the specialist before making any ‘Hard or fast decisions’. You need further information from a specialist.

Merl from the Modsupport Team


Thank you for your response!
I totally agree with you, I just wanted to measure the size but I guess that’s impossible to do if I can’t even find it!:slight_smile:


I have never been able to get my mri images to launch - I also received a CD of my MRI’s & CT’s

But, the main one that actually made sense & looked like something I could understand was my angiogram - which I awake for & seen with my own eyes. Now that was “something”!

I’m have seen other folks MRI’s on here & they looked a bit like my angiogram did


When my doctor showed me I was able to see it clearly l,while on my own I can’t even find it.
It’s interesting that they showed you while awake in the angiogram, I was awake too but I was kind of sleepy on my own because of the rupture, I don’t think they showed me anything…


Yeah, it was my final angiogram. I was pretty out of it, but I remember the whole procedure.

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Hi Betty, the MRI is taken as if from your toes looking up through your brain, so when viewed it appears ‘backwards’….ie…my right sided AVM appears on the left of the scan.

When viewing the scan it’s usually shown in 2mm slices, and the AVM won’t appear in all slices. So you may need to scroll to find them. It may also be very small and difficult to see.



Thank you!
I scrolled all of them but nothing.I also tried to fix the brightness,zoom in and everything.I will ask the doctor to show me again I guess it’s the only way!

,Do you think that’s it? Down to the left ?

Hey there.
Another critical piece of moving forward with any treatment would be to get a Spetzler / Martin scale from your neurologist.

This is a score of the size, area/depth?, and the areas of eloquence that surround the AVM or may be affected by it. Together, these total a score giving a “grade” to the AVM.

Not a great feeling to have an AVM at all, but this could be something to talk with your neurologist about in treatment.

Hang in there and stay well.

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Then there is the: Supplementary (or Lawton-Young) Spetzler-Martin Grading System


Yes that looks likely - although I’m not a radiologist

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Thank you all
From my neurosurgeon it was described as small and near brainsterm,but as he said the nidus is the opposite side from the brainsterm so it wouldn’t be that dangerous.I m going to visit a neurologist so he can guide me for the grade

Hi Betty, I really just want to welcome you. I don’t have much expertise and even on my best day my right hand and my left hand get confused. (lol)
As far as what is meant by “small,” it probably includes lots of things like your size, age, location, and yours is below average. That’s nothing to sneeze at.
Probably the smaller it is, the more options you will have if necessary. So, I’m hopeful for you. Best wishes, Greg

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Thank you very much!
Well , I have already done cyberknife, it’s the waiting time that makes me anxious and I’m digging for some hope