MRI with or without contrast?

Can anyone tell me if it is worth paying extra to have a scan with contrast, will it show an AVM more clearly? It is nearly double the cost but if worth it I will pay the extra

hi kevin,
my surgeon actually said he can see better without the contrast…but honestly i dont know the answer to the question that is just a comment my surgeon had made to me when i went for my latetest mri and they couldnt find my vien to inject the contrast dye…i thought i would have to have another but my surgeon was happy without the contast

Hi Kevin,

I had both the contrast and non-constrast done when I had my MRI done, but the AVM was misdiagnosed as a lymph node. Part of that may have been because of the location. It was in my neck near an area when a lymph node is located. Whatever you decide, good luck with everything.


Thanks for the info, I was only having the MRI because I was giving up waiting for an angiogram, but I was surprised to have the angio Tuesday, if I need an MRI again I will definately ask for the contrast, from what I have read in some cases it seems to make the scan clearer.

Bonnie Kanaski (McKenzie’s mom) said:


My daughter’s first MRI without contrast showed a mass, the second MRI with contrast and my doctor was convinced it was an AVM. When my husband and I compared the cds at home there was a distinct difference. I know this probably adds to your confusion but I just wanted to share our experience with you. We were saw a pediatric neurosurgeon within 2 days. Good Luck with everything.