So I had another MRI about a month ago. My goal is to determine if my brain is healing by comparing an MRI done in 2012 and this current one. Also, I want to know if my double-vision is a result of the craniotomy.

The imaging center did not find any significant changes from the 2012 and the current image. I met with my neurologist did find evidence of smaller strokes that could be responsible for the double-vision. However, I did not think to ask at the time what image he saw these on. Until I see him again, I will assume it was on the older image. As I have had a bleed similar to a stroke, my neurologist wants to see my cholesterol level down to about 70. As such, I am taking Pravistatin. My nuero-optometrist recommends taking Co-Q-10 to reduce side affects of the statin. I will run this by my GP to see what she thinks. Can anyone confirm this?

Finally, I am taking Texas Super Food supplements. Figure it can't hurt.


Hi Greg, Just reading what you are asking and Im confused!! Are you saying the MRI report did not mention any signs of a bleed but your neuro did see them on the same image...can you confirm that the image the neuro was looking at is the same image the MRI report came from as this is very rare...I would like to think that an expert drafting the MRI findings wouldnt miss any signs of a bleed...God bless!


There are two images. One from 2012, and one from about a month ago. I wanted to know the extent of any healing, and if it is reasonable to think that the bleed and subsequent craniotomy might be the result of my double-vision.

The imaging center couldn't determine any significant changes between the 2012 image and the current image. My neurologist stated that he found indications of smaller strokes in the area of the brain that could be responsible for the 2x vision. While I haven't confirmed this with the dr, I believe he is looking at the recent image, and it is pretty much the same as the 2012 image.Thus the images of strokes would have been present in the 2012 image. While he can tell the difference from a stroke from day one, two, three, etc. Once a stroke is 3 months old, the image stabilizes, and he cannot tell the difference between a stroke that is 3 months old, or 3 years old. I will see him again in December and will clarify.



I'm not sure I understand your question. Can your neurologist compare it to what? Regarding your claustrophobia, I would advise the imaging center. I would think a sedative of some kind would be necessary. I would suggest, if that is the case, you have someone drive you.


Ok I get you…I would wait to speak with the Doctor again and see exactly which scan they are looking at etc…all the best…God bless!