My avm is on the left side

my avm is on the left side of the brain,so my rigth side era afected,but my lefth side are afected too wih a tremor thath never stops,and then the doctor gave me an medicine for parksons desease,it worked,but after 3 hours thath I take this medicine if Idont take it again Ifell so deasy,Icannot talk ,barelly ccan walk,so I HAVE TO TAKE THATH FROM 3 in 3 ours,somebody already had thath ?

Hi Taisa, I also had my AVM in my left temporal lobe, had a massive brain bleed in 2007 and was saved by Drs. Ogilvy and Chapman. You are much younger than I was at the time of my bleed. I was 57 years old when I had mine. I was in a rehap center for 3 weeks afterwards and then continued having Speech/Lanaguage Therapy for another year and a half.

How much therapy have you received at this point? Therapy helps greatly, but also your brain can heal itself by using other parts of the brain instead of the area that was damamged.

Stay Strong and Stay Positive, Taisa!

I AM WORKING already ,Idrive my car and I ride my bike,Istoped dooing my terapy because they said everithyng they have to do for me they did,but I started doing piano classes by myself.And I used to do eyebrows and hair at home,and I already stared doing eyebrows again,but with the left hand.