Shows location to brain stem (circled in blue, AVM circled in red) and the increase in size to the one vein that it drains too. The two top photos should be the same size vein.

My AVM takes up the entire hippocampus and the doctors believe there is no live tissue in that hippocampus. They are going to try to remove the entire AVM (bottom right photo circle in red) via surgery.

I had surgery for Removal 2/7/24. Ever since my entire left side of my body face to toes, has been asleep. Like if you sit on your foot too long and it tingles and is asleep. But it’s my entire left side, with no relief, it just stays asleep. Has anyone else experienced or heard of this. Will it wake up?

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I don’t recall reading anything similar here, and I didn’t experience similar but did have gamma knife and not craniotomy. Is your surgeon providing any suggestion, or any post op physio? Less than a month post surgery is not a long time. I hope it begins to feel better soon. John.

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Hello @Krisie

Wow! Did you only just have the surgery last month after living with your AVM for such a long time?

I’d say that one month after surgery is still very early – quite likely things are swollen and upset – so it seems to me reasonable to think that time and more settling might lead on to improvements (but I’m not a doctor). It took me two years to get back towards feeling normal.

Very best wishes!


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