My Dad - AVM with loss of left side movement

Hi - My dad is suffering from an AVM in an inoperable part of his brain. (He had one 25 years ago but it was removed with surgery leaving him with left side blindness). Now, he has another and his entire left side mobility (arm and leg) has diminished in a matter of weeks. We’re told this is due to all the swelling around the AVM. We have an appt with a gamma knife specialist tomorrow, but I wanted to know if he get this procedure done, how soon we may be able to see results in his left-side mobility. He’s currently in a rehabilitation facility because my mom is not able to care for him. Being on medicare, he has to leave the rehab site next week bc that is all they will cover. Fortunately he has coverage for a nursing facility but they only cover up to 100 days. He has been on disability for 25 years and my mom, who has health issues of her own, recently lost her job. I am terrified not only for his health but for the cost of all the care he needs and will continue to need. My husband and I live 2 hours away from them and I am an only child making this all the more difficult.

I would love to hear from anyone else how quickly they saw any kind of relief following the gamma knife procedure.

Thank you.

I wish more than anything that I could help you with this, however, your question seems to be one in which only a neuro would be able to really answer. I will keep your father and your family in my prayers. There are several members which have undergone Gamma and I if you were to send a message to any of them, they would be more than glad to dicuss this with you…if they are on-line. I had surgery 24 years ago, and just had stereotactic radiotherapy approx 2 weeks ago. Being I did not feel sweeling at the time, and was put on medication to keep any swelling down, I am not able to help you. Ohhhhhhh how I wish I could. But please know, you and your family have my full support.

If you are unsure of how to seach members…just look at the top boxes and where you see MEMBERS, just click there and you can find all kinds of members. Then you might see some that are gamma patients as well.