My son is deteriorating

I found out today my son is deteriorating, his health is getting worse.
He has high blood pressure,and the neurologist said my son’s brain has a constant rain storm going on in the brain.
The worst part is he will not out live me, what im i suppose to do everytime i see him,all i want to his just cry, and cry.
Why my son ,why?


I wish I had a lot more to offer than simply saying my heart goes out to you. Trust me it does, as a parent of a 20 and 18 year old, I am so glad it was me that had the AVM. I can’t say I understand what you are feeling, and I can’t imagine anyone who hasn’t experienced similar can when a child is involved. Cherish every moment, every minute and every second. We are here for you, John.


Who knows? There are no words for this sort of thing!

You are definitely not the only parent to go through this here but it is such a painful thing. I’ve spent yesterday and today trying to remember who else has been in your position and I have remembered the names I was straining for: both father and son: but it is too painful a thing to be reminded of, I think.

Sending you all my love. What else is there.



I’m genuinely so sorry to hear about your son. No parent should ever endure such pain!

Sending love and prayers to you and your family at this time… cherish the moments now… God bless!

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