Neck Pain

I have a left parietal/temporal AVM. I was wondering if anyone ever gets neck pain? I get daily headaches but, for the past month I keep getting severe neck pain when I get a headache. I was also wondering if anyone gets ear pain? My AVM is in the left side but my ear pain is in the right ear.

hey there ,
I get bad neck pains aswell never surffered with it before only the past few months i got stereotactic radiation last yr , and stil feel the same as i did before i got it if now worse now , is funny i never was sick a day untill all this started about 2 yrs ago now , or more . hope you get better soon

I got very bad neck pains when I didn’t know that I had an AVM just before my surgery, and sometimes if I am experiencing an AVM-related headache I get neckpains now. I bought a hand held neck massager at Walgreens for like $15 and it really really helps. Another thing that helps are yoga-like neck stretches. Just some suggestions- I hope they help :slight_smile: feel better soon!

Sounds familiar… I had an AVM in my left temporal lobe and dealt with a stiff/sore neck and headaches for years before having surgery to treat my AVM.

I get slight headaches too and once in a while discomfort on neck, and a sounds on my right ear (heart beat) it is so intense, that sometimes can be painfull…I had a craniotomy on 04-11-09…It is true before I didnt feel anything…But before the headaches were so strong.

hello Brenda I have an AVM on the Left temporal lobe and I do get neck pain when I get a headache I have found that massage is very good for it. Hope your feeling good these days

I experienced severe neck pain after my bleed. My neurosurgeon said that it was from the blood being reabsorbed through the meninges in my neck. I couldn't look down at all or very much to each side for several days. I still have the neck pain, but it is not near as severe now.

Mine is in right temporal and occipital lobes. Neck pain always accompanies my headaches. Fortunately, it is not severe, but it is persistent. Sometimes I have brief periods of feelings of fever in my right ear. I had a cold recently and experienced some stabbing pain in my right ear. Still not sure if it was the cold or "just another symptom" as my neurologist says.

Sounds like nerve pain. the avm or even muscle spasms could be pressing on a nerve back there. Look up Occipital neuralgia if you get a chance and see if that sounds anything like what you have. I've had it ever sence the surgery because they cut down into my neck aswell as my head. Its no fun but treatable in most cases.

MY avm bleed on 11/08 between those days I had severe neck pain. With migraines headaches and in 4/2009 had my craniotomy done since then I always have slight headaches with tinnitus...the tinnitus is so strong that was causing me pain but my neurologist said thats normal...I learned to live with it....Of course Im always checking my blood pressure or if the pain is way to strong, thank god that has not been strong pain like that yet...You can always ask you doctor if you don't feel comfortable...
Good luck my friend, Hope you feel better...

Hi Brenda
My AVM is on the left occipital lobe, the size is about 3 cm. I had headaches everyday, and sometimes a severe one. I get neck pain sometimes like twice a week. Sometimes i can hear my blood running through my veins on my left ear. My AVM is still unruptured.
Hope for the best for you Brenda :)

Brenda, have you had a GK treatment yet? Any right side problems may be contributed to your AVM. My wife 's AVM is also on her left side which effects the right side.