Need help to get the message out

Hi, I posted a blog, but I thought I would post here, also. Andrew has a caringbridge webpage which is a highlight of his day during and after his hospital stays. He’s always asking do I have any new messages, how many and it helps to pass the time for him when we would read them. So what we thought would be a good morale booster was to attempt to get 100,000 messages on his webpage. It doesn’t take much to sign up and if you would tell your friends, family, co-workers and have them do the same maybe we could spread this around the world. Just tell them to leave a message (short or long), name and where they are from. Andrew is excited about this. I feel it is a good way to get more AVM awareness out there, too. So, If you can help us out go to and sign his guestbook. Thanks

PS I know this isn’t actually a discussion, but I felt it was worth while.

Keep spreading the word. Would love to see more messages from other countries.

Andrew’s has over 500 messages, so we need a lot more for 100,000. Spread the word anyway you can this is a great way to get AVM awareness out there. Thanks for the messages that have been left, but keep them coming.