Need to Quit Smoking

Ok guys this is bad. I had started back smoking and I know I need to quit. I watch how many I smoke but I have fallen victim to my old ways. My AVM is gone thanks to the crainiotomy, but I know this is not good. I have been so stressed with my surroundings, I have let this take me over! I need some encouragement to get through this. I know I can blame it on everything going on in the world, but this is my own fault.

Hi Sarah,
Please quit smoking it is so bad for you… I know it can be hard for some people but it sounds like you have quit before and you can do it again… Best of luck.

You can do it!!! I was never a smoker, but my mom was. She quit a couple of times while I was growing up, but would start back again. She quit for good about 17 or 18 years ago. Decided she was going to quit & just never picked up another cig. For about a year she said she would sit next to other smokers & sniff their smoke, but now she can’t stand to be around smokers.

Start setting aside the $ you would be spending on the smokes & reward yourself with something cool.

Talk to a doctor about getting a prescription for Wellbutrin. It’s an anti-depressant but it is also used very successfully for quitting smoking. It just makes the desire for cigs go away and they don’t do anything for you anymore. It worked for my brother.