Need to winge if i can

need to ask a question in 1989 i developed epilepsy and was suffering headaches was sent for eeg but had no ct scan at that time and having further fits over 18 or so years and loosing jobs driving licence ect ambulance taking me to hospital WHY THEY HAVE NOT DONE A CT SCAN TILL 2006 if they had i would not be classed a epilepticic am gutted that my life could of been so different .2006 they did a scan and found my avm and i am now 18mnths better at mo no side effects AND NO FITS is there anything that says they should of done a scan as amatter of course all them years ago

First of all congratulations on finally getting closure after so many difficult years. I can’t imagine how difficult that must have been. I don’t know what can be done, other than to make sure no one has to go through what you went through again.

Congratulations on getting your life back!!! Don’t look back, look to the future! Instead of thinking ‘what if’ think ‘what next!’

I would also like to congratulate you for getting your life back after all those years. I am not sure of the protocol (in 1989) for the necessary test for people who have seizures.

sorry Gary no idea, but everyone is right you had a horrible time now your back on top, look forward not back and enjoy this 2nd chance, take care Amanda

Hello Gary . I am so pleased for you that you are , as you said “18 months better” ! I do not know about protocol back in '89 or now for that matter . Seems protocol differs from place to place and decade to decade . The more we learn the more forward thinking we become . I am simply pleased you are better now . You have worked hard through many obstacles and hardship to get here . I admire your gumption and tenacity . What a wonderful spirit you posess . Go ahead and be a bit angry and wonder about before . To satiisfy your curiosity you might want to do some research and ask some pros . Just please don’t let it darken your new days ahead . I wish for you all the best !

got a second chance nothing will change that and i wil take each day as it comes fear got to me as well but as they say what doesnt kill you makes you stronger as any avm survivor will tell you i just feel bitter that at sheffield hallamshire hospital they have treated avms since 1985 i started with my probs in 1989 i think i just feel the system has let me down and dont want it to happen to no one else thanks for your commentsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx