Neruoradiologist appt

Just got the word this morning, the angriogram is scheduled for 11/11 this coming wednesday. Oh Joy- I hear that is not a pleasant experience… Tips would be most welcome.

Oh well, least we are moving forward.

Well, angiograms are certainly not “fun,” nor are they comfortable, but on the plus side, they do not take terribly long and you will be given some IV medications before the procedure to help you relax. If you have a good team performing the angiogram, starting the IV and the local anesthetic injections that they give you in your groin are worse than the angiogram itself.

During the angiogram, you are not likely to feel any pain, just some odd sensations. Generally speaking, they will run some dye into the right and left sides of your brain, then perhaps follow up with a few shots to the brain stem. On the right and left, you are likely to hear some loud ringing/humming sounds and feel some intense heat that feels like it is inside of your head. Each time only lasts a matter of seconds. It’s a bit different for the brain stem, no warm sensations, but you will likely have a slightly different ringing sound and will see some bright flashes of white light.

You’ll have to stay in recovery for a few hours and will not be able to move around much, but they should have you up and walking around the same day. You’ll be a bit swolen, sore and maybe even bruised for a week or two afterward.

Wow, that is the most detailed info I’ve gotten Jake, thanks. At least now I know a little more what to expect. I just really want it over worth at this point-- lol…

I wrote an even more detailed description a while back and some people added in some of their own thoughts.

Check it out…

I had three angiograms but was under as I knew as well as docotrs they were embolization me. You will have to lie still for a bit post-surgery. It was only by the third one (in six months) my groin was a bit sore… I went home the next day with all of the embos. The staff have always been great and will make you feel comfortable. Keep strong; again I am only sharing my experience but once again, I was under. I will keep you in prayer. Let me know how it goes…God bless and keep positive! Send lots of love and energy to you! xoxox Mare

I just had my angio and didnt feel a thing during the procedure, just laid back and enjoyed the light show when they put dye in certain areas. Groin was a little sore for a few days, but nothing much. Good luck and relax