Never give up!

I am so happy to hear the word PATIENCE...I tell people all the time to have patience and to think POSITIVELY.
That is how I have learned to support people with AVM/ANEURYSM. That is how I have decided to live my life since 2001.
You gotta give it your all and always be positive. If it doesn't happen today, be patient and wait for another day.
It will happen!!!
In order to be a survivor, we must follow these words.
Scott is going to do great, it just takes time.

Hi AVM Sandy and I always admire your spirit. I too am a huge proponent of positive thinking! One of my member friends wrote words to me that have boosted me a lot ... I am a survivor, I will adapt. Have a great week.

I love the attitude! I’m also in the “glass half full” club!

ALWAYS, ALWAYS...Positive thoughts and cup half full! Major support for all.

Sandy, it’s me Nicole I’m not on facebook anymore. How is Rachel and how are you?