New Doctor

Hello everyone its been a while since I post the last time and that was in Oct of 2010. Since then I had my last embolization and they inserted a cathather in my brain. To make a long story short I’m in Houston, TX and my doctor that is treating my AVM is located at Ben Taub Hospital and the hospital is a Trauma/County Hospital. I had a appointmetn today at 2:00, I got there early so I check in and 1 hour went by so I went to the nurses station to see how many ppl was in front of me and they told me 19ppl. I told them I would reschec. If any one in Houston,TX thats a member please get in touch with me, I’m looking for a new doctor. My doctor is excellent but that is awful that you have to sit that long to be seen. So I would appreciate any referrals.

I'm seeing Dr. Dong Kim, director of the Mischer Neuroscince Institute at Memorial Hermann in Houston.

Dr. Kim meets with new patients on Tuesdays, and the schedule books up quickly.